Fully Accredited and Certificated NAKMAS Black Belts
NAKMAS takes its responsibilities seriously when considering issuing applicants the prestigious NAKMAS black belt certificate.
In order to become an examiner within NAKMAS, the examiner will hold a NAKMAS senior instructor/examiner certificate and a valid NAKMAS senior instructor licence. These are only issued by NAKMAS after strict vetting, including a DBS Enhanced Disclosure.

The NAKMAS senior instructor will be a minimum grade of a 3rd Dan/Degree Black Belt or equivalent. The NAKMAS senior instructor may grade up to and including two grades below their own grade. For example, a 3rd Dan/Degree Black Belt can examine up to and including 1st Dan/Degree Black Belt and a 10th Dan/Degree can examine up to and including 8th Dan/Degree Black Belt.

When the NAKMAS Head Office receives the NAKMAS black belt registration form (NAK017), NAKMAS will want to see whether the NAKMAS criteria has been met before a NAKMAS black belt certificate is issued and an entry is made upon the NAKMAS National Register of Qualified Black Belts. These are summarised below:-

1.Does the applicant hold a valid NAKMAS licence/insurance slip?

2.Has the applicant examined within a martial art or discipline recognised by NAKMAS?

3.Is the club, group or association currently within NAKMAS membership at the time of the examination?

4.Is the chief examiner authorised by NAKMAS to undertake the black belt examination/assessment?

5.Has the student trained regularly for at least 3 years based on two sessions a week?

6.Has the student been measured and examined against an approved black belt grading syllabus?

7. Has the applicant been accredited to the NAKMAS Equality Module? (4th Dan and higher).

In addition to the above, all chief examiners are expected to ensure adherence to the NSPCC approved NAKMAS Welfare Policy.

The above list is not exhaustive, but it will give you an idea on how NAKMAS insists on a correct and bona-fide black belt procedure. Once this has been confirmed, the prestigious NAKMAS national black belt certificate is issued and an entry is made upon the NAKMAS National Register of Qualified Black Belts.


There are times when the NAKMAS National Management Committee awards higher black belt grades/promotions upon senior licensed NAKMAS members normally from 4th Dan to 10th Dan following submission of the NAKMAS Application for Dan Grade Promotion form (NAK001). The criteria for such an award are more extensive and include a full audit, both technically and administratively before such an application reaches the NAKMAS National Management Committee.

All Management Officers receive copies of higher black belt awards in advance of the actual Committee meeting and officers do, in all cases, make contact with the applicant, for oral examination and assessment prior to the Committee reaching a decision. All applicants applying for a Committee grade will need to submit a full curriculum vitae as well as being accredited to the NAKMAS Equality module. If the application is approved, the prestigious NAKMAS black belt certificates are issued as well as the accreditation card, and an entry is made within the NAKMAS Register of Qualified Black Belts. Additionally, all officers in attendance at the meeting, sign the NAKMAS national black belt certificate prior to presentation to the NAKMAS senior member.

The NAKMAS National Management Committee meet twice yearly (in some cases more than twice yearly) and it is at these meetings whereby the Committee may consider higher black belt awards.

In rare circumstances, the Committee may award a higher black belt award without form or document submission. These awards are considered by NAKMAS for those members who may have made special contributions to the martial arts and or NAKMAS specifically: unsung heroes within NAKMAS.
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